Project Vesta


Project Vesta is a non-profit working to further the science of Coastal Carbon Capture (CCC).

We exist to enable critical CCC research to proceed, by combining the necessary funding and supporting logistics to the multidisciplinary scientific community with expertise in this field.

We are a team of scientists and entrepreneurs. We know any human intervention in the ocean carries risk. Our goal is to characterize the effects of CCC as accurately and robustly as we can, presenting our raw data for peer review and enabling the broader community to make a science-based judgment as to whether the benefits of CCC in removing carbon dioxide outweigh the costs and risks.

We are open to collaborators from all relevant fields of research. We are currently particularly seeking the following:

  • Additional expertise in beach geomorphology to model how olivine sand will be transported at the shoreline and in coastal areas
  • Facilities equipped to perform laboratory studies of coral and mollusc growth
  • Coastal sites to conduct future in situ experiments

If you are a scientist with relevant expertise, especially the above, we invite you to join us as a collaborator. Click here to get involved.

We have included below a variety of papers and presentations which are a partial list of the research on which Project Vesta’s work is based.

The Carbon Dioxide Removal Reaction

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We could reverse climate change.

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